Emergency Call Out Taylors Bakery Leigh

We recieved an emergency call out to Taylors Bakery based in Leigh. The customer had lifted the door with the awning canopy cord still inside the shutter, causing the cord to become snagged up inside the shutter.

It had become that tight that the motor bracket had slid and could not be freed. Had to cut all the cord, and then start throwing the curtain over so it could all be stripped off to allow access to barrel. We noticed that the only bolt holding the motor bracket in place had sheared off, causing the left hand side of barrel including the motor had all dropped.

Freed everything had to fit a new star bracket for motor., started putting curtain back on and notice that the motor was not working. Customer asked us to leave the motor till Wednesday, and just put rest of curtain back on to secure property. Door down and secure.