What is a Sectional Overhead Door?

A sectional overhead door is a type of door commonly used in commercial and industrial settings, as well as in residential garages. It is composed of multiple horizontal panels, or sections, that are connected by hinges. These panels slide along a track system, which is installed above the door opening and allows the door to move vertically and then horizontally along the ceiling when opened.

The primary advantage of a sectional overhead door is its space-saving design. Since the door moves vertically and then along the ceiling, it doesn’t require any extra space for swinging outward like a traditional door. This feature makes it ideal for locations with limited space or where vehicle access is required.

Sectional overhead doors are typically made of steel, aluminum, or other durable materials, and they often include insulation to improve energy efficiency. They can be operated manually or with an electric garage door opener for added convenience. The doors are available in various designs and finishes to suit different aesthetic preferences and functional requirements.