Strip Curtains

PVC strip curtains are a fantastic option if you’re looking for an energy-saving installation. Many warehouses and factories decide on commercial curtains.

Strip Curtain Installations Throughout the Northwest

Here at UK Doors & Shutters, we also install PVC strip curtains throughout the North West. PVC strip curtains have proven to be a much better alternative to standard doors if you’re looking for an easily maintained and quieter solution for 24-hour access. This option is a particularly popular option for factory and warehouse based companies that need quick and easy access to improve efficiency and productivity whilst also maintaining privacy when required too. PVC strip curtains also used to prevent heat and noise loss and enable businesses to reduce the amount of dust and dirt entering an area for health and safety reasons. Get in touch with us today on 01204 402585.

If your employees are constantly moving in and out of your premises, PVC strip curtains may be the best option. The commercial curtains that we install are incredibly versatile and are extremely cost-effective. All curtains installed are installed to a high standard by our fully qualified fitters.

We are able to install brand new PVC strip curtains at all types of commercial properties including;-

  • Factories.
  • Warehouses.
  • Storage Units.